Where is this? #28

This place will be seeing a lot of activity in the near future.

Thanks for your assistance BackAtIt.

You’re quite welcome cranky1

Anything to do with the Vancouver Olympics?


Is this country the second biggest economy in the World today?

Wikipedia tells me that that question is ambiguous.

Mardi Gras!

The USA has the largest economy, BTW.  Edit:  well, for a single country :smile:

Here’s where I found it.

Futuregirl gets credit because she noticed swimming pools and said that it had to be in a warmer area…

I was searching cities using the criteria:  had to have Google live traffic & street view, and had to be near a river.  I started in Minneapolis and was heading down the Mississippi, when she said that it was a warm place.  

So I just jumped to New Orleans.

Bourbon and Canal.  I was there in 1989.  I have never experienced anything like it before or since.

The economy of the PRC may have surpassed that of Japan last year.  I wouldn’t hazard a guess as to what recessionitis may have done to either country’s exports.

When I was there it was so hot that we’d take a taxi just for a block or two so we could have some AC :smile:  Fricken hot!

Interesting methodology in tracing the Mississippi.

Been there a couple of times and the humidity was killer but the people, the food just the general culture is beautiful.  Biked down and in the smaller areas of Louisiana they were so intrigued by not only the bike but our accents also.  They were a little confused as my late husband was British and some of his words created a little challenge for them  :smiley: