Where is this? #24

The last time this game was played was March 3rd/2007…let’s say we give it another try.

This picture was taken from Google Earth.  Can anyone tell me where it is.

Clue: Notice the contrast within the area.  Poverty versus plenty.

Challenge…whoever comes up with the right answer gets a bubble gum

Was just thinking that we should revive this game!

Good start.

Gaza Strip.

You’re pretty clever MIG…how did you manage to guess it so quickly?

Isn’t it perverse the contract between Gaza and Israel.

to good of a clue,  I was just headed there myself.  So does Mig post one since he is the winner?

When posting a picture so the orientation have to  north = up etc…

Sorry MIG…I just swallowed my last bubble gum  :smiley:

Good stuff, I’ll post a new one in a little while.

Never saw this game before. Looks interesting. Please fill me in on the rules. Does this have to be a ‘Google Earth’ shot?
If not, where’s this:

Do you have any clues to go along with the pictures?

Ontairo’s Highway 11 Canada’s Route 66.  Others call Highway 11 Ontario the Transontario.

The Guinness Book of World Records claims that Ontario Highway 11 is the world’s longest street.

Am I correct? lol… (((dought it)))) hehehe

It’s not in Canada…it is in the USA

Ontario/Minnesota border at Rainy River lol. streches 1,800 kl…

Creepy…does this location have any significance or is it your average water hole?

shrugz lol

The name of this lake is a Mayan word that translates as “the place where the rainbow gets its colors”.

South of a few borders.

Very cool.  Atitlán, Guatemala.  

You gave it away with your hint, though.

Good one Mig.
Yeah, I guess I should have thought about the hint a little more.

You had me chasing US Route 11 in Google Maps looking for it.