Where Is This? #19


Hint: Historically significant event took place here, but is commemorated elsewhere. I am going to PM the answer to MiG, so that he can answer questions in my absence.


Here’s a 2nd picture, just cuz I think it looks cool.

Smart guy, that will knock me out of the competition too, you insensitive clod!

Ok, message received, prepared to answer all your questions. Wikipedia opened and ready.

Did said event involve a ship sinking?


Did it sink during a time of war?

yes. 18.

Was it a ship not directly involved in any conflicts. Eg: Hospital ship, passanger liner, troop transport etc.


Did the war that this ship was involved with take place during the 1940’s?

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[quote=“TranscendingRationality”]Did the war that this ship was involved with take place during the 1940’s?

I’m refreshing like a fiend here… Hurry![/quote]


During WW1?

No. 15.

Was the ship that sank a sailing ship?

Yes. 14.

This Cape Trafalgar, off the coast of Spain, where the Battle of Trafalgar was fought. Lord Nelson died here but it was French and Spanish ships that were sunk.



Okay I need some more pointers here. How do you go from a few vague pieces of information to getting something so specific? What kinds of search criteria do you type into Google (or whatever other search engine) to get that kind of answer?

My line of thinking was as follows (after the intial question):

Ship sinking, was a warship, not in either world war - and so I asked if it was a sailing ship (to see if I could rule out the 20th century). Once I knew it was a sailing ship, the real tipoff was the fact that the event that happened here was commemorated elsewhere … and led me straight to the Battle of Trafalgar … fought off Spain and commemorated off England this past summer. This time not any real searching with google etc.

When I said commemorated, I was actually thinking of Trafalgar Square in London, but that works too.

Anyhow, good process of deduction. I’m glad I through that hint in there, otherwise the picture would have been too vague, and I may as well have just said, “I’m thinking of a place…” rather than post a picture.

I was actually searching to see if the boat in question was the HMS Victory but found out it didn’t sink. So I ruled out Cape Trafalgar. Also, wasn’t an aerial picture of that place posted in the first season?