Where is this #16

Okay, here is the next one. MiG gave me the go ahead for the assist I gave him on the last one.


This is one of my favourite places in the world although I haven’t been there for years. The picture is facing towards the southwest more or less.

Good luck!

Is this in a country with a maple leaf on it’s flag?

Nope. 19 questions left.

Is English the primary language of the country in which this lighthouse is located?

Hey Illywhacker, you want to do another one?

lighthouse.net.au/lights/WA/ … 0Point.htm


I’ll sit out the next one.

Oh crap that’s not fair … I just finished working through the lighthouses of the US and was getting to Australia next … rats!

Believe it or not, I googled “red and white lighthouse” and hit the “images” link, then just flipped through there until I found one that matched.

That totally sucks.
Okay, I think I have an even harder one. I’ll get it online in a couple of minutes.

If you cant think of any, or MiG guesses it early I have a juicy one I’ve been saving up.

Go ahead, my brain seems to have frozen up on me and I can’t think of anything.

And all this happened while I was sleeping! :frowning: