Where is this #14

Ok… since no one else has posted another #14 yet, I’ll do it anyway. I had a little help finding the satellite picture, and I have a colour picture in my gallery, but for some reason I can’t get it attached to my post.

Good luck!


Is this Tuktoyaktuk?

I knew I should have just used the colour pic I found!

How bout just asking questions like in the good ole days? haha

I don’t get what you mean.

Anyway, if you want to post another picture go ahead.

I mean how about asking questions about the place instead of researching it first? It’s wrecking my grandiose scheme :frowning: haha nah I’m just kidding, I’m jealous of the way you can figure that out right away.

If you looked at the other picture that is in my photo album, that for some reason won’t display, would you have got it right away?

Probably not as fast.
I looked at the posted picture and saw right away it was in the arctic because of the small round lakes in the landscape ( signature of permafrost-searchword: pingos).
Then I thought that it could be only one of a handful of places and Tuktoyaktuk was the first that came to mind.

So I am giving you my privilege if you want to post another picture. However, for this next one only, I would like to try something else: No location questions ( for example no “Is this in the northern hemisphere” or “is this in Canada?”). Only questions about the significance of the place (“was there a war there?”… No hints.

Someone else can do the next one. I’m no good with significant questions. haha