Where is this? #11

The building in the middle of the picture bears the name of a famous person.  That person is so famous that there are many things that have that name in this country and in other countries as well. 
What makes this building special is that it is in the small town where that person lived.  I must add that this town is very near a big city ( like Delta is near Vancouver). 

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  1. Was the person in question born in that town?

  2. Did the person become famous largely for their actions while still residing in this town?

Terry Fox High School

1.  no

2.  yes

Hey, that’s my hometown.  i-mac, i-pod, i-dog, i-phone, I spy with my little eyes, Canadian Idol…
That building in the center must be the IGA.

Was the person famous for a scientific endeavour?


17 left

Not much activity on this thread!  Do I need more clues?

Okay, I’ll ask another question. 

Is this building a place of learning?



Do the  people in this country mostly use right hand drive cars?

No, the people of this country drive like us.


Edit:  By driving like us I really mean left hand drive,  not driving technique!

Does the country that this town is in have two official languages, French and English?

Is this person recognized by a national holiday in his/her country of origin?

La Cite scolaire Marie Curie, 1,rue Constant-Pilate in Sceaux, France the birthplace of Pierre Currie. 
Marie Curie won the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of the elements radium and polonium.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Bravo jees!  You got it.

I didn’t even get to use my other clues ( beside the “active”  reference above).  I was going to throw the following :
Arent’ you curious about this place?
That person’s work radiates to this day.
This town was also the site of the seal that confirmed the union of that person with another.  That union curiously produce more knowledge about the separation of certain things.  (“Sceaux” in French means seals ( like in seal of approval).  The union, of course, refers to her marriage.  And the separation refers to radio active decay)

What gave it away jees?

I am not sure what gave it away, but I usually study the image and look for clues and figured that it must be somewhere in France because of the long sandy/gravel stretch to the left which looks like a boule or Boccia court.  So I looked in lists of eponyms for any French names but couldn’t get any further because I was looking for a “person many things were named after”.
Since France only has one large city, Paris, I continued with googeling ‘Institute’ and ‘university’ togther with ‘near Paris’ and then looked up any place name that came up in Google Earth until I came to a list of campuses of the “Univesity of South Paris” and they have a campus in Sceaux. That was it.

Watch out for # 12!

Good work!

Without sounding like I’m bragging, I invented this game on htmf.  But jees, you elevate the game to new heights. 

Crap.  I decided Marie Curie lived too recently, so I ignored her when I was looking for schools and colleges.

I had initially missed the clue about a scientific discovery, and so I was all over this area of Montgomery, Alabama looking for stuff named after Martin Luther King.