Where is this? (#10)

Here’s my next one:


Is this somewhere in the Americas?


Is it in Europe?


Is it in New Zealand\Australia\Oceana region?

In that region, yes.

Is this place’s significance historical?

Yes, and cultural as well.

Is it in New Zealand?


Any connection to LOTR?

North Island?

Is it a U2 song?

One Tree Hill

Wow, you guys are super quick. Yes, U2 song, yes North Island. Place in the middle of Auckland.


The tree doesn’t exist anymore (since 2001 or something)… I think they’re going to plant another one?

Not sure if this is the same place, but It does look similar.

I think it is… tinyurl.com/6cdum is a nice map, looks the same.

Will have to go visit sometime. Neat song, too.

Those are some sweet hills. There could be some serious winter fun if they ever got snow there.

You know, as soon as I looked at the pic, it became obvious to me that it was a hill. And, before it was posted as being in New Zealand/Australia/Oceania, I thought it could be Hamburger Hill in Vietnam (Ap Bia Mountain (107.1833 E, 16.25 N)). But the aerial pic was totally different.

Someone start the next one… I was kinda getting into that. Infact, before it was narrowed down to New Zealand, I was thinking it was somewhere in New Caledonia or the surrounding islands and had about 10 tabs going with different aerial pics and historical facts about the island.

*Unrelated… How does one go about having their website icon (like google, HTMF, seibertron.com…) display in the address bar of web browsers?

Crap! I was in Auckland a while ago and visited One Tree Hill.