Where is this? #1

I know the interest in this game declined the last time it was started but I found an interesting set of pictures to start a new game. 
Rules of the game: 
20 questions answerable by yes or no only. 
Can’t ask geography question directly ( ex: Is this in Japan?).  Twist your question ( ex: Is sushi a cultural food from this country?)
Some clues may be given but that’s to the game leader to decide.
The winner is the first poster who correctly identifies the place(s) ** and/or ** identifies the event(s) or significance of the photo.
The winner also gets to start the next game if he/she wishes or pass it on to someone else who volunteers.
Aerial photo (satellite) are assumed to have the north up unless otherwise stated.
Other types of photos can be used too.

So here is the "Where is this?  #1

Three beach pics from three places.  Find what they have in common and you will find their names.

20 Questions!

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I enjoy this game, but I don’t even know where to start on this one.

Are these three places in the same country?



Are the beaches connected to music?

Can anyone play this game ???

It appears to be somewhere I would rather be right about now.  :sunglasses:



And yes Bandit, this game is open to everyone.  I won’t count this as an answer :wink:

I am on it.
I checked out that ‘Singing Sands’ option. I don’t think that’s it.

Are the places connected by the same ocean?


I knew jees would come out of the woodwork to play this game :smile:


16 left…

Is the connection between the three a person?



Did the military action for the three places happen during World War 2?

Because this is three places with a common link, I have to answer in the following manner:
Yes, some military action happened during World War II in all three places.  However, as a hint, the common link is partially related to military but “military action” doesn’t only mean conflict, does it?


With palm trees and water like that and some WWII action, I’d have to say somewhere in the South Pacific. Not sure of where specifically though.

Are these sites habitable?

Was the connection you specifically refer to something that happened after WW2?

I have one already (the middle one – DG), I’m going to work on the other two… brb.



no but I will not count this one since it came after the WWII question by herbie.


Is the “thing that these places have in common” something to do with their names?

Ok, after MiG told me what #2 was, I was able to find #1 and #3 before he did.

The three ground sites for the operation of the GPS system.

  #1 Kwajalein, #2 is Diego Gargia, #3 is Ascension Island.