Where is this #1

OK,  I feel it’s time to resurrect our favorite htmf game:  Where is this?

Simple review of the rules for all the new members:

A picture is posted by someone with a lot of time on their hands  :wink:
Other members have 20 questions to find the place photographed in the image.
Questions cannot be geographical in nature.  The poster of the image decides if it is or not.
Pictures may be aerial pics, in which case the direction of the north must be indicated, or regular pictures from the place taken on the net ( like the ones below).  Make sure you change the picture files so that the picture is untraceable trough google.
Hints may be given but it’s not necessary.
Only one picture at a time. 
Winner gets to post the next picture or may offer his spot to anyone else. 

Did I forget anything?

So here is the first one:
Where is this?

Hint:  There is a small canadian connection (but  only until early in 2007) and it’s not the two people in the pic.

Is this in a country whose soccer team is ranked #5 in the world?

No this country’s soccer team isn’t # 5 in the world right now. 

P.S.  I didn’t know the US team was that good this year.

I can’t believe I actually knew what team that was before I scrolled down!

Would the water in the toilets near this place swirl in the same direction as ours?


I won’t count that one.  19 questions left.

Also, I forgot to mention that questions have to be formulated to be answered by yes or no.

Thats actually a myth, depends on the toilets design

That’s why I don’t play these games.  Carry on.  :angry:

The toilet design does make a difference, but the Coriolis effect does cause liquids to spin one way or another down drains depending on which side of the equator you live on.

btw Big Thumb, why was Smart Ass’s question not acceptable?  It wasn’t a direct geographical question and has been used in many past rounds to narrow down locations. 
Just wondering.

The toilet design does make a difference, but the Coriolis effect does cause liquids to spin one way or another down drains depending on which side of the equator you live on.[/quote]

Only if you have a very very very big container (think lake or ocean).

There’s no way the Coriolis Effect is going to have any measurable influence on a few litres of water.

How about asking if the seasons are the opposite of those of Canada?  That’s the standard opening question :wink:

Is this nation in the World Cup 2006 competition?


And I didn’t count smartass’ question because I wanted to give her a chance since she was trying to participate in the game.

Also,  MiG’s comment about Coriolis is correct.  That’s what is basically said in the snopes  link I posted.

Is this a cave?  As opposed to say a grotto …

No it’s not a cave.

17 questions left.

I’ll post another hint when there will be 15 questions left.

OK,  I guess the game isn’t generating the interest it once had.  Anyway, here’s a hint to try to finish this one at least:

This place was in a famous movie.

My guess is Petra, Jordan.  Indiana Jones is the movie. 

Looking for the photo, though.  Where did you find it?

Good guess.  The canadian connection is that there’s an exposition about it at the Museum of Civilisation until January 2007.  Another funny coincidence is that Jordan is ranked just after Canada on the FIFA ranking.

I don’t remember where the pic came from.  I googled Petra.