Where is this? 1

It’s time for a game on htmf. Please read the general rules( they are not set in stones but we try to follow them)

Where is this place?

Hint: Maybe there is a faint link with Prince Rupert.

Is it winter there now? It looks a bit chilly.


19 Questions left.

(How in the …?)

do they speak english there as a language ?

San Pedro de Atacama

Not sure about San Pedro but I’ll give it to you. It’s the driest place on earth.
The faint connection to Rupert is the fact that Rupert is a very wet place where

Yungay, Chile??

nazca (naszca) plain ?

This game is already over, Bandit’s guess was close enough and I posted a link to the actual place (Yungay).
This was faster than I expected but I think MiG gave it away when he asked about winter and “chilly”.

Bandit,you get to post another picture. Start a new threada and call it “Where is this? # 2” . If you don’t have one, I’ll try to put another one.

Go ahead BigThumb