Where in the world is Miguel Sandiego? (number 15)

Where is this?

Jees, you have 30 hours!

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Oh, and here’s the hint:  this place is a member of the UN.

I guess it rules out Transnistria.

Once Jees solves this, you’ll see why that’s a hint.

Is English spoken by a majority of people in this country?


19 questions and 29 hours left :wink:

Is this Country under 1,000 square kilometers in area?

No it is not.

18 left.

Would it be the middle of the summer in this country?

No.  17.

Is the water seen in this image fresh water?

No.  16.

Is this country surrounded by water, an Island?

The country is not surrounded by water.  But I’m sure this country includes islands.


When you said “this place is a member of the UN”, did you mean the United Nations?

As opposed to, say, the University of Nations?

yes, the nation is a member of the United Nations.  But “this place is a member of the UN” is also a hint.


I want to clarify something here.  If you were to ask this about Canada, the answer would be “no” as Canada is not surrounded by water (it borders the USA).  But if the place in question was in Newfoundland or on Vancouver island, the COUNTRY would still not be surrounded by water.

Make sense?

Is Miguel Sandiego is on a crab boat?


One of those boats in the picture is probably a crab boat.