Where do you gas up?

How come gas is $1.27 at PetroCan today and has been $1.25 everywhere else in town since Monday?

I gas up at Husky/Mohawk stations because each time I get gas, I get some rebate on my BCAA membership. I have to carry my BCAA card anyway so I have never joined any of the other gas company loyalty plans.

Between the gas rebates and any discounts I get at hotels that are linked with BCAA, I am saving more than the cost of the membership.

For whatever reason, Petro Can is always the first one to move their price upwards, I imagine it’s an order from the head office, anyways, I rarely buy my gas there for that reason, I try to monitor which ones are the last ones to move to the same price.

Mostly though I use Mohawk or Chevron (Overwaitea points there)

Just to clarify, PetroCan has NOT lowered their price this week when the others went from $1.27 to $1.25.

I gas-up at Chevron.

I go to Chevron as well , be careful at Esso ( 7 / 11 ) .

I wish they had pay-at-the-pump service at Husky. And a restaurant…mmmmmmm, salisbury steak on the road.

Always reminds me of driving through the Cariboo. Not A caribou, mind you, although those are equally delicious…

Chevron or Petro (depending on the price at Petro) only because they have pay-at-pump.

Usually we gas at Petro, up until recently I had 5 cent a litre discount card…used all our points up. What I find sad is that what we have to pay for gas prices here. Right now on in Langley its 96.9, tho down south you never know what the price is going to be from one day to the next. Even in Edmonton its 95, but Fort McMurray is 119. It would be nice if we had a mini gas war even if it was only for a day.

Not going to happen as long as the gas stations only have one source of gas.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t all the stations get their gas from Northwest Fuels (or whatever it’s called)?

Is there any competition in the local wholesale gas market?

I believe all the fuel comes from the Husky refinery in PG.

If that’s the case, then that would explain why there’s no competition :smile:

If I were setting the price at the refinery or wholesale level, I’d set it at just the point where it’s a little bit cheaper than driving it in from the next nearest refinery or wholesaler. Not saying that’s what they do, but wouldn’t that be the smart thing to do?

Where’s the next closest source of gas? Kelowna or Kamloops or somewhere like that? I’ll bet it gets cheaper as you leave Prince George and head towards those places, as the threat of competition increases.

$1.069 in Kamloops right now. we were less than a buck last week.

Where’s the next closest source of gas? Kelowna or Kamloops or somewhere like that? [/quote]

The Chevron refinery in Burnaby.

Chevron 'cause I find it the most convenient and lots of room to maneuver around. 7/11 is WAY too congested! I don’t even bother with the Petro-Canada (in town) as they are usually the first to raise their prices and the last to drop them down.

Why be careful?


Why be careful?[/quote]

Because if you don’t know how to drive, you pop your tire on the sharp curb at the 7/11.

7-11 so I can get those Aeroplan miles!