Where are the street sweepers?

The majority of streets, main and side streets, have not seen the sweeper. It is warmer and can’t open windows or enjoy a walk for dust blowing. Dead end side streets are curb to curb gravel, very unsafe for kids learning to ride a bike or wanting to play road,hockey.

There’s one out there slowly plugging away around town today and for the past couple of weeks, and I noticed it’s the contractor that’s doing the work.

Probably the city sweeper truck is broken…

Did you phone city hall and ask where the street sweeper is?

Are they sweeping up the dirt or just sweeping it onto the sidewalks because there are a lot of sidewalks around town that are covered in an inch of gravel.

Apparently, the sweeper truck broke down and is under repair…hopefully it doesn’t take as long as the McBride and Third Ave stop light has taken to fix.

The city sweeper truck is fixed now. lol

Saw it going pretty slow.