When/how do I register my kid for kindergarten?

Also, does anyone know which schools are offering full day kindergarten?

The Kindergarten registration is usually during the first week of March.  The school district hasn’t officially announced which schools will have full-day KG.  Currently Conrad and Roosevelt School have it and I don’t believe that will change.
My guess is, that the board will postpone the registration this year until a decision is made which school/s will close in 2011.

Registration for Kindergarten: bit.ly/c160Mv

I don’t think they are offering full day but you can go into Annunciation right now and register for Kindergarten in September.

Registration is actually being bumped up to 3rd week of Feb so that they SD can see what the numbers are for K entry in Sept.

Thanks for the info guys! I appreciate it.

I was told you have to get on a wait list to get into annuciation, so I would assume you are too late for that school. 

If your headed in the french direction - Kindergarten is only half a day, but the preschool across the street has a pick up/afterschool care program that is excellent!

French direction would be great, if they weren’t planning to shut westview school down… :unamused:

French immersion program doesn’t belong to Westview. It is a district program.  It is just housed at Westview.  If they close that school, they will move the french program elsewhere.

doesnt hurt to try i know of kids getting in late in the year etc

If the french programe is moved elsewhere there won’t be a preschool across the street LOL Which is more so what I was refering to…

Westview isn’t the only school on the chopping block.  Roosevelt and Port Edward are on it too. They’ll close just Roosevelt or Westview, or a combination of one of the two schools and Port Edward.  That’s what school district administration is proposing.

From what I’ve been told port ed will most likely close the school due to maintence costs and the 40 or so kids and teachers will move into a municipal building. 

Then it will be westview or roosevelt that closes…  :frowning: