Wheelie Man Part 2!

Ok, Ok, We have been down this road already but here is a new spin (pardon the pun!) on it as it is about the brother of that person :unamused:  We were parked across from Herbies for a few moments today while my fella attended to some business and lo and behold, I look up towards Kondolas and naturally see the chairman popping his wheelies in the middle of the street but then I see his brother popping his girlfriend against the wall of the store ! I could not believe it, full view of passersby… What the hell is with that friggin’ family? She finally snapped out of , what I am sure , was a really SPECIAL moment for her and led him elsewhere… !!! Now, I am not a prude but give us all a break, I will have nightmares from what I witnessed today!!! AND, the bro had the nerve to “approach” someone today regarding some photos he knew had been shot of his poor sibling, demanding that the negatives be given to him…HaHa, haven’t heard of negatives in years but there you have it…A Tale of the Sleaze Brothers of Rupert and darn, am I in crap now by all those Mental Health workers out there…Was I mean :confused: