Whats'a happening?

So, we have a cruise ship docking tomorrow and they can’t even walk around Mariners’ Park!  We drive by there everyday on the way home from work, there is machinery sitting there in a BIG hole, no one around working and all it appears they have accomplished is extended the walkway near the fence! I heard they were building a band stand, is this true?  Anyone know what is happening there? And what about Atlin? They are acting like they are going to reveal this Greatness that they have created but I have to ask why they moved the Tourist Bureau away from where the ship docks as now the passengers have to try and find the office before they can figure out what to do in this town!  Such confusion  :unamused:    And please, no rumours need reply  :smiley:  LOL

Yup they’re building a bandstand -  The port donated the money for it to commorate the 100th birthday of Prince Rupert

money is from the spirit square initiative given to numerous communities . maybe the port helped but its province money just like terraces completed bandstand in george little park and i think smithers finished theirs too

Pretty sure they’re building a miniature pulp mill on the site. It’s expected to employ 400 midgets at 20.00/hr. I believe they’re producing the small rolls of paper for debit machines/cash registers.

There is plans for an expansion as well they are planning to produce rolls of toilet paper and eventually even double rolls if things go according to plan!

Boom times for prince rupert are a coming.


lol  :laughing:

port contributed 25 grand

rupertport.com/pdf/newsrelea … _photo.pdf

So the 100th. birthday is how far away now?  I would doubt that the band stand would be finished by then so they will have to play in the big hole that is the band stand, it will rain and they will all drown  :smiley: AND Rupert will make the press yet again !  Large puddle drowns band members! Yep, I can see it now !  LOL  BTW, I love your post jesus but I think you may have been chatting with ajaye, yes?  :smiley:

I’m surprised I have not had any comments on the politically incorrect use of midget. Also my daughter is now 8" shorter than mini me.