What's with the Daily News website

They seem to be following the Back to the Futre mode of on line communication at the Daily News, their website is now only showing the items archived from October, at least yesterday they had made it to Nov 6.

Of course this isn’t quite the two day posting schedule that they proclaim on their website.

I’m not sure why it’s so hard for them to have something similar to the Northern View which can manage to have today’s news posted er, today…

Anyways, what they offer up at the moment seems a bit of a mess for a company that says its relevant to the community.  I mean if you can’t do it right, just don’t bother eh…

Update: Well I take part of the above back, found the november posts, though they still only go as far as Nov 6, is there a secret cache button I need to push there snoozle types, to update to two days ago???

Im not familiar with the site but cant they just i dont know take one of the many news related CMS out there and throw a stylesheet on it then copy and paste the news stories?  or are they still using typewriters?

I think the Daily News would just rather its readers not know the internet existed, thank you very much.

Their website works just as good as their “free” delivery days for their paying customers!!!

Well after what they did with the Obit. for Mr. Kerr and his family, I would think the issue of a website would be the least of their worries. That was discussing no matter how you look at it. A man who is and was respected in this small community by so many individuals.

Holy, did you people EVER think, on the case of Mr. Kerr’s obituary, that a mistake happened? Or are we not allowed to make mistakes… Or do you all think they PLANNED to not put the article in?

You guys make me sick, bitch bitch bitch. You have no idea what goes on in that paper. No idea how it’s run, or what the local workers are up against since the change of owners. I dare you all, to walk a mile in the employees shoes. Or just once, ask one of them what it’s like to work there. Or what’s going on in general.

It’s very unfortunate for the Kerr family that it happened, but I’m sure they even realise that we are all human.

I wish I could be there when every single one of you makes your next mistake, so I could shame you in public.

Three dots for you missy:

It’s unfortunate that the intelligent and hardworking Daily News employees work for an outdated, directionless, and irrelevant organization.

change of owners who cares . still shouldn’t stop them from knowing how to do a job! daily news has become obselete and like a previous poster said a way to deliver flyers to people houses half assed

Just like the Northwest Weekly, the Prince Rupert Daily News (Snooze) will soon or someday fail on an epic scale…

What does three dots mean?            I agree with Bubbasteve on the one point that we all make mistakes but this paper has been wracked with them since the new owners and the new manager came on board if not before as I understand with the previous GM.  They ought to fire the person in charge of classifieds for sure.  There was no excuse for this one.  On the bright side, maybe now they will smarten up a little but I doubt that and I bet they will try and talk their way out of this one on Monday morning or have they had a big meeting already to cover their butts.?  Are they not unionized and if they are, why don’t they go to the shop steward with any in house complaints. That’s what a union is supposed to do.

What does three dots mean?[/quote]

When in doubt, use the Urban Dictionary:


Bookmark it S.V.P.

Jeez now the entire website has disappeared

You think maybe they might provide an explanation in their newspaper or something.

princerupertnews.com/Prince_Rupe … _News.html

The ads are done in Prince George and/or Fort St. John. With that system it takes a bit longer than it did before they got rid of their production dept.

Just remember to shop local!  :evil:

Actually they updated their website with last week’s stories… and a slightly different URL:

princerupertnews.com/Prince_Rupe … _News.html


ah thanks much appreciated :smiley:

i do shop local i buy province newspaper locally  :smiley:

Ah, but you won’t be buying the National Post locally …

too blue collar for that lol

Does anyone know why the Daily’s website seems stuck on November 27th?  Been a while since there’s been any kind of an update, unless I’m doing something wrong trying to access it I guess.