Whats the Best Free Firewall

I am looking for a free firewall to protect my laptop and home network, but network support is not important

Please reply here

I assume you’re not running Windows XP, becuase it’s got one built in. Anyway, if you want to protect more than one machine on a network, I would recommend a router… Software firewalls are only as secure as the OS they’re running on.

BLACKICE is one i’ve heard of… May or may not be free. Try download.com and search for ‘firewall’…

Well, if you intend on using linux I have some configuration utilities that would be very helpful to you. Sounds like you are looking at a NAT/firewall machine. Do you have a spare computer? :wink: if not I can sell you one fully configured… PM me if you are interested.

If any of you are looking for something for a small-medium business I hear J enterprises has some top quality products :wink:

Yeah man, I was behind a J Enterprises firewall for a while in Kelowna… Premo equipment.

That was only the Home edition :wink: The enterprise stuff is top quality… either quad 100Mbit/triple gigabit Network interfaces, dual pcmcia slots :wink: etc… Runs off solid state media.

Just thought I would mention J Enterprises is currently developing Security Camera systems, Anti Theft systems, Car Audio/Video, Gps tracking/mapping systems and PVR/Home theatre systems. All of these systems will integrate and interoperate with eachother to provide you with an excellent home theater experience.