Whats the Best Dvd Authoring Program

Im using Uleads Dvd workshop 2, I used abode program, but i get to many errors, i used dvdlad, and it was to limited…

Whats the best program?

I’ve used Ulead DVD Movie Factory in the past. It was easy to use and worked great, however I also had some obscure programs which were needed for converting specific file types and editing the clips themselves. I have found most Ulead products to be easy to be simple to use. Um, as far as actual writing of DVDs goes, I only use Nero. Vegas Video 4 and Ulead DVD Movie Factory are probably all you need for home use.

Is the software included wth a capture device any good? I’m thinking of grabbing a device to capture camera/SVHS/RCA VCR to DVD and looking for advice on the best unit. Only advice I’ve got is that DAZZLE is lame.
What’s everyone’s 2 cents on the subject?

ATI All-In-Wonder cards are pretty much the best buy. I wouldn’t base your purchase on what software it comes with. Infact, you you grab an OEM Sapphire AIW, it probaby wont come with any.

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