Whats going on?

I just seen that they are putting something beside that instant cash place. The one beside Eastwind. They were pouring concrete in there the other day and have boards up in front of the place. Also they are doing something where Ziggy’s was and they joined it with the Everything Pink store. It seems like a big open space right now. Anyone know what they are putting in both places?

The old Ziggy’s is going to be a government office. The income assistance office is moving in there. I heard it’s because they are currently paying to rent far more space than they are using.

Yeah MEIA… Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance is moving into the old ziggys space…  Much of the client fiancial stuff is done via a centralized phone center in Terrace, so they just don’t need as much space as they are now renting…

Also Instanta Loans is moving back where they were but I am not sure what else is going there as I see they are creating more than one retail space. 
Instanta Loans was just using the old creative computers space on a temp basis, while the work was done next door.

wonder whats going next to instanta loans then.

repairing pilings/foundation…apparently it was sinking

I heard that the Rogers office will also be going into that new site next to Eastwind.

Can anyone else confirm that Rogers will have a branch office here in town?