What's going on in Thornhill?

Anybody have the scoop? What’s going on in Thornhill?

A neighbourhood in the small community of Thornhill, B.C. near Terrace has been evacuated because of an ongoing police incident.

The area went into lockdown around 9 a.m. PT Wednesday morning, and the evacuation began at around 1 p.m.

Few details are being released, but RCMP say there is an unfolding incident in the 3900 block of Mountainview Ave.

From what I have gathered from Facebook posts, its a guy hold up in his house with his mother and threatening to blow it up. PNG is trying to turn the gas off but they can’t do it at the meter. “Rumour” is that he is a crackhead and has been in trouble with the law a few times.

A province-wide warrant has been issued by RCMP for a man who escaped police in northwest B.C.

Samuel Kenneth Ratchford had been tracked by Terrace RCMP for several weeks.

On Wednesday they found him at a residence in Thornhill, B.C. a small community near Terrace. Police locked the neighbourhood down in an attempt to make contact with the suspect, but it turned into an evacuation when police were told a gas stove inside the residence was running.


The end of the hunt for Samuel Kenneth Ratchford, 31, came peacefully Oct. 7 when after less than an hour of negotiation in mid-afternoon, he exited a residence on Mountainview Ave., was taken into custody and put under arrest.

Ratchford was wanted in relation to ongoing investigations prior to the Oct. 5 stand off and was facing charges of assault, uttering threats, kidnapping with a firearm and pointing a firearm, said Terrace RCMP Sgt. Shawn McLaughlin.

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