What will Obama's first hundred days look like?

Below is an interesting look at the first 100 days of several previous US Presidents.  What will Obama do?

Heading for the First Hundred Days


Looking back over the record since FDR, the pattern is discernible: declare war on something, or at least kill people; put a woman in the cabinet.

FDR: Day 1, declares war on fear; nominates Frances Perkins to be Secretary of Labor (the best we ever had).

Truman: Day 5, calls for Unconditional Surrender of Axis powers; Day 113, Drops A-bomb on Hiroshima.

Eisenhower: Day 23, refuses clemency to the Rosenbergs; Day 72, appoints Oveta Culp Hobby as head of HEW.

JFK: Day 41, announces Peace Corps and thousands of young Americans duly learn to sit crossed-legged on the ground, sowing seeds for bankruptcy of Medicare when knee replacements kick in 40 years later. Day 88, launches Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba.

LBJ: Day 8, creates a mass employment program known as the Warren Commission. Within hours tens of thousands of Americans are hard at work, challenging the Commission’s proceedings and drawing maps of Dealey Plaza.

Nixon: Day 57, launches secret bombing of Cambodia.

Ford: Day 4, declares war on inflation, “public enemy number oneâ€

Guess this is why Hillary is so high on the agenda for a senior cabinet position (see FDR), watch for Obama to do something with John McCain as well, he’s a devotee of the Lincoln era which saw Abe call across the aisles to bring his competitors closer to the agenda of the day.

Considering the rather frigthening economic picture that Obama faces, I can see him seeking out some of the more moderate (ie not whack job) Republicans for assistance and even a cabinet position or two.

I’ll be very curious to see who Obama picks for Secretary of State.  Both Clinton and Richardson are worthy contenders for this top cabinet post.
Yes.  It will be interesting to see if Obama picks some Republicans for his team.