What strategy do you use?

I absolutely hate telemarketers.  I don’t always screen my calls with my answering machine so I’ll pick up the receiver and some poor SOB will try to engage me in pointless conversation.
I quickly inform them that I’m not interested and hang up.
How do you disengage from these miscreants?

depends what they want…
usually if theyre doing surveys or somthing.
i say im sorry… my dads in advertising… and i dont get to finish the rest of my scentence they interupt and say “ok” and hang up

I like that:-)  So if you’re in marketing they’ll leave you alone:-)

got a few.

When their looking for someone in particular just keep asking them questions about why their calling, eventually they hang up.

Ask them for their home number and you’ll call them back when it’s convenient for you.

If it is someone of the opposite sex, ask them to come by and perform some act and you’ll buy what their selling.

Tell them to hold on and just leave the phone on the counter.

Usually on call display they show up as an unfamiliar number so answer it but do not say anything just listen. the automated machine won’t connect.

If you have time just have fun with them try convert them to some religion,  if not forget your manners and just hang up.

If it’s a guy telemarketer I cop the fake accent thing. "You speek me proper English. Wat you say?"
If it’s a girl, pant a few times and ask “What are you wearing right now… ahehh ahehhh…”

Heh-heh:-)  Awesome stuff.
Tonight the caller used a tactic that was new…he said…is this 250-624- ****?  I answered yes and he went into his blah-blah-blah-blah…I was momentarily nonplussed before I hung up.
Telemarketers are vermin.

Once, I tried to politely refuse whatever they offer but the girl on the phone was very persitent.  So I set the phone down facing my computer speaker,  opened iTunes and played Sloan’s “Money City Maniacs” loud for about a minute.  When I checked again, she was gone.

This is a little old but quite funny:

LMAO, funny stuff, man! :smiley:

we rarely ever get telemarketers calling here… just like we rarely ever get any sort of religious group or canvasser at our door…or our street even. they hate to walk up our hill… which is good… the only downside is i miss girl guide cookies  :frowning:

I don’t mind hanging up on adults, but I have great difficulty saying no to children selling chocolate, cookies.  Hmmmm…I noticed that the last little box of chocolates was only half full. :smile:

I let them have it …BIG TIME!  It’s not that I want to be rude but I figure that anything that I can do to limit their success is good.  If they get sick of getting yelled at and quit then I’m acheiving my goal.  The ONLY reason that these telemarketers exist is that they are successful at getting people to hand over their hard earned cash.  Then they hassle you for the rest of your life.  If everyone wised up and didnt give them money then they would go the way of the dodo bird.

Yes.  It is hard to believe that some people must be handing over their hard earned cash to these deadbeats.  As a rule I never do business over the phone when someone contacts me.  You never really know who you’re talking to. :imp:

Hanging up on them is doing them a favour – more time to call the next person.  They play the averages.  If only 1 in 50 people buy their stuff, then the quicker they can make 50 phone calls the better.  If you’re not really interested, then just hang up – that’s what they want.

You should note that telemarketers are usually very low-paid, and would be doing something else if they had a choice.  I’m sure nobody wants to be a telemarketer as a career. 

So there’s really no need to be a douchebag to the guys on the phone – just hang up.  Better yet, don’t answer in the first place :wink:  I can’t remember the last time I answered my landline – maybe 2002 or 2003, I think.

I always disengage quickly, and hang-up.  I’m never harsh or rude.  I inform them that I’m not interested, that I don’t do business over the phone.
Yes, they must do this on the premise that they will get a few successful calls per day.  What a weird job that must be.

i let them go on for a few min then tell them Im not interested.

I straight-up hangup on them without saying a word.

I  start talking about how things are going with me, my feelings an such. I also do that to people I see on the street who ask “How’s it going?”

I like that.  As MiG said we’re not doing them any favours by keeping them on the phone when we have no intention of giving them money. 
Then the spammer can move on to the next target. :smile:

I react rather harshly towards them only because I have given money only to be pestered every freaking day of my life since.  Well that might be stretching it a bit but I have received calls at least once a week for the past 3-4 years.  Some times are worse than others.  I have contacted the charities in which they are contacting me to support and I have gone through their method of removing my number from their call list.  I also hate being hung up on when they call to see if anyone is home.

The people working as telemarketers although are only trying to earn a living but must realize that they are fair game while being employed by some of the biggest snakes on the planet. 

Yeah I get at least 1-2 calls per week.  I have donated to charities as well.  I’m hanging up from now on.  Bye-bye spammers:-)