What should I draw?

Hey guys, I’m a bored doodler here. What should I draw?

Draw the bar grahp s from this poll


Draw the bar grahp s from this poll[/quote]


Well you could draw

a line in the sand



a blank

a conclusion

water from a well


Confused looks?

a gun

a pension

a crowd

a bath



an end to this discussion? (which would be kind of sad)

… a comparison to the word association thread?

draw straws

With all these good ideas, Extreme 2252 can now

draw lots.

I’ve got a really tough one for you. How about drawing a blank.

…that could draw some interest.

…and if you can’t decide, you could draw lots.

…that is if you were quick on the draw.

…but only if you had the luck of the draw.

…but I guess I’ll have to draw this to a close.

the amount of seizmic waves on a rictor scale, with no earthquake

Something like this…

or this…