What should I do? child hates school

I am at witts end my child does not want to go to school, it is only the first month of school so I can’t see this beeing a bully issue.

It could a number of things we went thru this last year and 1/2. Where does your child sit, perhaps he/she needs to have their eyes checked?  Talk to the teacher, maybe there is something going on in school ( it could be bullying!) with the class room dynamics. It took 6 months for me to drag it out of my child. he ended up talking to my brother , do you have a family member that may be able to chat with your child?
Good luck

how old is your child? is this there first time away from home? did your child go to daycare or pre-school before going to school?

a bit more info please…

What school? what grade? Is your child into himself or herself. How is the playtime and the watching tv situation in the house.

My child is 9 also yes to preschool and sorry this is an issue I have been dealing with since I can remember so I am not sure if the remark hates school even fits.

Most kids love school for the first day or two after summer, or because it’s their first time enrolled. After that, it’s school–it’s boring, they have to work, they don’t get to have as much fun as usual—they hate it.

Unless you suspect something grim is going on, like bullying, I’d suggest not entertaining your child’s complaints at all. It just reinforces the behaviour.

If you DO suspect something more foul, speak to your child’s teacher, the school guidance councilor, the principal–anyone who might know how your child is day-to-day at school more than you. They’ll have the answers.

But yea–other than that, the “I hate school routine” is no different than the “I hate vegetables” routine.

Is there something specific that he dislikes about school, that might give you a clue, ie I hate school we have gym today. Could mean that he/she is not doing well with team sports could be they are the last ones picked. It really is a good idea to talk to the teacher and or counsellor, if nothing else they can at least keep an eye on things to help figure out waht is going on?
Good luck

Thanks all for your comments, from what I am gathering the problem is not with school, it seems that it is a seperation issue. So now how do we fix that?

Seperation from you? Same way tou’d deal with it were you going out for the night and leaving your child with a babysitter.

Don’t positively reinforce the bad behaviour by giving your child what they want (staying home), or your child will keep doing it.

I think all problems can be solved by spanking them more. 

Take them to school and leave them in class and go about your business. As much of a fight as your kid might put up they will get used to it eventually.

Letting them think they can get away with not going to school by throwing a hissy fit isnt going to help the situation.

I would definately try to see if there is a pattern…is it every day or only a few times a week?

When I was in grade 1, I had the worse P.E. teacher ever!!  If we did something wrong, he would rap his knuckles on our head…and it hurt!!!  After that, every day I had P.E. class scheduled I would make a big fuss about not wanting to go to school.  I never did tell my mom why until years later.  It turns out a few months into the school year he took a leave due to a nervous breakdown.

Anyhow…that’s my story and my advice…

Sin-seer-lee, have you tried to talk directly to your child, and ask him/her what’s the matter?


No…some school in Winnipeg in the mid 80’s.