What Movie Is This?

I watched it maybe 10 years ago all I remember is a formula 1 racer guy almost gets in an accident hits something that makes him jump and warps into a diferent dimension and everyone is after him


Combat Jack

Isn’t it amazing how even great actors will whore themselves to make such drivel.

'Samata … you don’t like Sci-Fi?

FYI: Many great actors, especially Shakespearean actors appear in Sci-Fi movies and TV series.

I thought Freejack was about 3-1/2 out of 5 stars. I thought the plot was quite good.

“Freejack” was a decent movie for the time, but, at that time, the “Great Actors” were still up and comers and a Rolling Stone.

Yeah I remember Buns Rush Jagger in his I think first ever roll in that Freejack movie.