What lcd do you have?

A straight up old school iPod? Not the mini?

The Nano replaced the Mini. I’ve dropped my Mini a few times - nothing serious…from the dashboard to the floor and from my desk to the floor. I bought some Speck Prod skins for it to give it a little “koosh” for the next fall.

If I had to replace my Mini I’d go for the latest full version (is it referred to as the 5th Gen?) not the Nano.

Yeah, I’d definitely go for a case, no matter which model.

I’d much rather have full-size iPod than a Mini/Nano, but it’s also prohibitively expensive.

Oh, but I’m still not here.

Well, under Windows, iPods ‘hide’ the /music dir and iTunes doesn’t allow you to drag tracks from the iPod to a folder…

All I do is ‘unhide’ that folder, then add the folder to the library. From the library you can drag and drop any files that you want. The downside to all of this is how the iPod software now renames your mp3s to 4 character file names… eg: wxzf.mp3 instead of sep-sucks.mp3 or whatever.

Then again, if you’re willing to let software such as iTunes organize your library, it’ll name the files from the ID3 tags… So in the end, iPod copy protection is pretty much equal to what Mig said.


I’ve got mp3s of myself on my computer from like the last 3 years, and I just went through and listened to a bunch of them. It’s quite clear that while my guitar playing has improved, my singing still hurts.

It’s pretty sweet though… I was pretty into it when I first started playing, so I wrote out tablature for everything I wrote, and now that I listen to it, and can’t remember how to play it, I’ve got the tabs.