What Jason thinks of the MacBook Pro

Here is what i think about the Macbook Pro.  :angry:

red-sweater.com/blog/113/mac … ining-user

I used a Macbook Pro for a few hours this week – it was great.  No problems at all.  But then it’s a recent one, not from the first batch.

If you’re having problems with your computer, why don’t you send it back so that you can have it replaced or repaired?  That’s why there’s a warranty.

easier said than done. Mine is intermittent too! I’ve called apple and they know about it and have a record about it on my file.

What do you mean by “easier said than done?”

Every time I’ve had a problem with an Apple, I’ve just sent it to them.  They fix it, they send it back.  If it’s a part I can replace, they send me the part, I send them back the broken part.

If I lived in a town that had an Apple repair place, it would be even easier, wouldn’t it?  Just walk in and say “hey, look at this…” and have them fix it?

Or is something else going on?

I have taken it in and they say it’s a design Flaw. Im going to be calling apple opnce again to see if i can get it replaced. replacing the Logic board / inverter board is still not the answer tho.