What is this pipe for?


I think someone in my house is smoking drugs. Or worse, vaping.

Hahah autocorrect replaced “vaping” with “baking”.

Jesus I hope nobody in my house is baking!


I think it’s for measuring the tire pressure on a car


No matter what kind of pressure, drugs is not the answer.


us old timers call it a tire pressure gauge


So what kind of drugs do you smoke with this “tire pressure gauge” ? What’s the modern term for it?


Worse than Oxycodin as 100% of BCers are addicted to it.
I dunno the name (tire bong?), I’m so old we used to call a bongs “der-ders”


I’m so addicted to this stuff I have two of those in my car.


Just realized they haven’t covered tire gauges on How It Is Made.
I mean they do specialize on things you don’t give a shit about how it’s made, and this is one.

Tonight on How It Is Made
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