What is going on downtown

No cable around  Raven Cres. Bank has no power so no one can take my calls is the world crashing.*&%($#@)( Oh my God say it isn’t so ,

Apparently the power was out from about 345 am this morning. The bird sanctuary ( Raven GUll etc) all had power but no internet or cable or radio. Someone thought that an eagle had hit a transformer?

Power from 3 am-9 30 aprox was out at petro can area, Hydro said that something went wrong with the substation.

The substation had transformer problems. Not sure if it was the decepticons or the autobots.

I had power, and internet the entire night. So the world couldn’t have been ending.

The only thing i didn’t have was HTMF. And I was starting to go through withdrawls from lack of it.


Photoguy, get to work…

PS, I vote decepticons, they’re always up to something…

HAHA I am at work. Just don’t tell anyone. lol