What is a Living Wage in Prince Rupert?

Isn’t it just the old cycle of the more you earn, the more you spend, the more you need to maintain the spending habits and so it goes… :neutral_face:

Sorry but if you can’t get by on 140 K, then maybe it’s time to go live in the mountains and abandon society.

i dont understand why people think this amount is a lot. yes its enough to get by . but not enough to live on and provide for your kids future

140k… somebody has a secret coke habit.

do you ever look at anything without being negative ? i don’t know you at all. but shit man  :unamused:

If you want to earn more, you have to stop looking at the short term. Yeah. $12-20 may be a sucky wage for that, but then, doing that job will look good on your resume! You go to a job interview with experience like that, having done a good job, and chances are you will walk it. My first job after University was similar, looking after a ton of servers for very little money, but that experience has got me a long way.

I know my experience is far away from what life is like in Rupert, or even Canada, but the principles the same. Work hard, work well, and you do get the reward eventually.

It would be almost impossible for me to earn what I do in Canada, and I’ve made some massive sacrifices along the way, some I regret, some I’m happy about. I want for almost nothing, I love my job, and I’m happy… All because I sucked it up, took a low paid job that offered me the best experience, and I worked my ass off to make it succeed!

I agree with another poster… if 140k is not enough to live on there must be expensive habbits… 

haha 140k a year would be nice…i do fine with making 32k a year single dad

There is this feeling out there that when you have your house paid for and
you have two big incomes coming in that life will be a breeze,i have friend
who are millionares and they buy lottery tickets and most people would say
how much money do you need and there thoughts are that they don’t have enough,
society has built it self up to such a standard forget about keeping up with the Joneses
its keeping up with the gates.

If your friends are millionaires and keep buying lottery tickets, one imagines that they won’t be millionaires for long!

ajaye46, from what I can tell you’re such a baller.

How can you not live comfortably in Rupert when you and your wife make +$140K? =.=’

But all of that is their choice, obviously to them enough is never enough.  It’s not a matter of keeping up with the Jones’, it all seems to be a matter of greed.  I can only hope that they share some of their haul with those less fortunate and believe me, to many people, having their homes paid for and two big incomes, would be a breeze.  It is all your state of mind.

I’ve done my time with the shit 12.00 an hour jobs and done a great job only to be rewarded with a 1.00/hr raise after 6 months. 

I’m not a newbie by any stretch of the imagination and trying to treat me as such is insulting and is the very reason I do contract work now and am not employed by anyone else.

I will not accept the fact that due to tough economic times they can expect twice the work for less than half the pay.

I mean really… fuck off. I’ve got the experience, references and portfolio to back up my education and you either pay for that or you hire your brothers 12 year old kid who ‘knows computers’.

My last interview I stated my wage requirements upfront. They proceeded to waste 3 hours of my time interviewing me and offered less than half my expected salary (they offered 24,000/yr).

It’s gotten to the point in BC that it just isn’t worth it to work for someone else in the IT field. On call 24x7x365 with no compensation for it (trying to trade hours worked at 3am for straight time hours in the day). 

Screw it I’m just going to go out of town and do two  3 week contracts and make 10k.


ps I don’t live in rupert anymore :wink:

What is the avg mortgage or rent in Rupert?
What is the avg heating bill in Rupert?
What is the avg grocery bill in Rupert?
      - per adult?
      - per child?
      - per adolescent? (eek)
How much are your basic expenses per month?

Don’t you hate that? Last interview I had I was tempted to bill them for my time.
That was years ago, a roomful of twits who don’t know how to work a light switch belittling two decades of actual experience because I didn’t have a certification paper they just “invented” a year before.

Don’t use the IT field as an example. It was first bullshit 1980’s right-wing promise of ‘high-tech’ and most people swallowed the Kool-Aid that unions would be a negative. Then they offshore as much as they could and imported every qualified immigrant they could who’d undercut everyone else here.
$60K was only a ‘decent’ wage in 1995. Know anything that’s gone down in 15 years except people’s wages and shit from WalMart?

Greed.  :imp:

Ok! Fair point… I guess I mad a few overbearing assumptions there! Sorry!

You made the point I was trying to make even better than I did though! You did the sucky jobs, got the experience, took the crap from working long hours etc… got it all on your resume, and went somewhere that they do appreciate your experience, and your right, for IT jobs, contracting is often the best way to go… none of this ‘on-call’ crap :smile:

I guess I’ve got lucky recently, or just knew the right things at the right time. I live in a smallish town (about Rupert x 3), have a permanent job, travel a lot (which I particularly like), graduated 11 years ago, and earn the equivalent of about $170k a year… But remember, the cost of living over the pond is stupidly high, so you can probably half that to compare it to what I’d want to earn in Canada… Yet 11 years ago, I earn’t exactly $14 an hour, cycled everywhere (and it rains here almost as much as there), and really just worked my arse off to get where I am!

The flip side is, my personal life has suffered, a lot in previous jobs. Times of stress, times of depression, times when I’ve just considered leaving a crap job and being a mail man just so i had set hours.

My point is (finally) its not always about the money. I’d still be happy to cycle every where, and I wish at times I hadn’t made certain sacrifices which have affected me and the people I loved. My previous job has cost me a fiancee, a healthy me, and a whole heap of my sanity. I’d go back to flipping burgers in McDonalds if it meant I could have some of that back… The important things are you’ve a roof over your head, food on the table, and the people you love. if you have that, you wont want for anything else!

In all fairness to Ayaje, he didn’t say he couldn’t live on 140k a year, he said he still wished that he wins the lottery. Even people living at or above their means still have things they’d like to have–that trip to Europe, that new car, better care for a sick parent, whatever…

Oh I know all about the sacrifices and how much it sucks.  When I got my first job I stupidly spent a year working 2 12 hour nights (friday 12am-saturday 12pm saturday 12am-12pm) followed by two day shifts 8am-4pm on monday and tuesday.

I sacrificed my health, my relationships and most of my sanity. Fuck working for the man… but seriously I would love a job that treated me well and would take a heavy pay cut to get it. Just not to 14.00/hr.  Contracting is stressful and just today I had to deal with a retarded accountant… again.

I have a friend in the states and he is 40 years old and makes 50 thousand a month
do you think he is happy?He said i want to make a million a month,it just shows
that greed is in everyone it is sad to see in this day and age that we have so much
and were still want more.