What I have learned from watching the World Cup

  1. It is not zero-zero; it is nil-nil
  2. It’s not a field but a pitch.  It’s not team but a side.
  3. No matter what his watch says, the referee will not end the game if the losing team has the potential to score.
  4. Unlike hockey, baseball and football announcers who never shut up, soccer commentators can go several minutes without saying a word.
  5. That’s because several minutes can go by with nothing to comment on.
  6. The games are actually much more exciting than I originally thought.
  7. They are still not that exciting.

What I have learned from watching the World Cup: I finally know which person  MIG’s avatar is … it just shows you how much I follow ‘football/soccer’.

Challenge: Does anyone know who he is?

Challenge: Does anyone know who he is?

What have I learned from the World Cup?


I don’t have a clue.

Clue in this thread:

hackingthemainframe.com/smf/inde … #msg162890

Maybe this should be in the books forum :smile:

Currently reading  Why England Lose:

guardianbookshop.co.uk/Berte … 0007301119

Also known in North America as Soccernomics

amazon.com/Soccernomics-Aust … 1568584253

It takes on much of the mythology and “common sense” when it comes to soccer, and explains it in rational freakonomic-style analysis.  ie:  England doesn’t lose for any of the usual reasons (ie: too many foreign players in the Premier League), but because it’s really consistentenly good, but not good enough.

The authors also take on subjects such as the “fairness” of penalty kicks, and the Nick Hornby model of fandom (“Fever Pitch”).

Pretty good stuff!

Lol, so true.
In Croatia, soccer is almost a religion.

I learned that I don’t know enough about this simple game to make comments that are not judged dumb by experts.

I learned that I can make a few French hand-ball comments (nah, I can actually make a whole bunch!) and really annoy you!

You know what I have learned?  That I am sick to death of hearing and reading about soccer !  Bring on the CFL  :sunglasses:  Sorry MiG  :smiley:    LOL

hitest issues codybear933 a yellow card  (joke)  :smiley:

I would say that is letting her off kind of easy there hitest , shit I think she should have to learn Spanish or something. Way too easy, give her a good penalty.

Don’t you think she’s suffered enough having to listen to you people go on and on about soccer?.
What kind of a penalty could top that?.

  JC & hitest ,  No es muy agradable  !!  :stuck_out_tongue:  LOL    Piknic,  muchas gracias  :smiley:

LOL  :smiley:

Oh bien, intenté.  :smiley:

  Fue muy divertido !  :smiley: