What happened to Westburne Electric?

I need to drive around town more often, just noticed that the Westburne Electric location on Third Avenue East has closed.

Did they relocate or leave town and anyone know why?

Closed shop and left town for what I would assume to be not enough business.

It was a salletlite operation from the office in Kitimat, apparently there was not enought business? Too bad it was great service :smile:

I’m not sure as to the reasons why, but yes - they are gone and not just relocated.  If you were surprised to notice they were gone, imagine how I felt when I went to check on the status of my PREPAID order and found they were gone!  I was livid, but I can say that while contacting a head office in Vancouver to get a solution, the customer service I was great, and I got my order from one of the stores in the lower mainland.  Sad that I didn’t even get a phone call to say that either my order wasn’t coming or whatever - having prepaid for the order I would have thought they could at least have done that.  Ah well - water under the bridge now.

Thanks for the background on that, too bad things didn’t work out for them. Not a good sign for the town I guess, still not much to keep the big suppliers interested.

How long ago did they close?

More like how long ago did they open?  I didn’t even know we had a Westburne Electric.  Where was it?

They opened a couple of years ago  in the old Napa auto parts store, of course if you haven’t been that way in a while you  may not have known that Napa moved into the old Northern Tire location.  :imp:

Northern Tire moved?! :astonished:

Northern Tire went out of business, Napa took over their building, kept some of their staff.

I placed my order at the end of March and in May when I hadn’t heard anything I went there and they were already closed - so I’m not sure on the exact date they closed.  Sometime between March and May? LOL

Perhaps they went out of business because they were expensive.  I went in there to buy some very simple ‘crimp-on’ wire connectors, and I was surprised to her that a box of 100 was $82.  I went to Sea Sport and got the exact same thing for $29.  That’s crazy. 

I found it very expensive as well for some basic florescent lighting I needed. I went else were.