What happened to our cable?

Anyone out there know what the problem is with our cable service? We have none of the upper channels from 40 - 54…Been like this since yesterday afternoon, I guess…I need the Food Network, it woild have been my salvation today teaching me how to make a Canada Day cake  :smiley:  Have a Good One everybody and eat lottsa cake…!!

Maybe CityWest can’t afford channels 40 - 54 anymore, perhaps they sold them off. :imp:

Or like the cel service problems of SeaFest it’s just their way of celebrating another big event!

It may or may not have a bearing on the cable, but Hydro is selling us power on steroids again! All my electric clocks are six minutes fast this morning.

Had to reset my Citywest cable twice yesterday.

Have you tried turning it off and on again? </IT CROWD>

guy was on the news last night this originates thru kitimat problem will be fixed soon

All is right with my world now…Cable is back to normal but you are right about the clocks !  Power on overdrive.  :smiley:

But on the HDTV record box the time is perfect. But the other clocks are 7 mins. fast

i had 41-46 and then 48-54 out .just checked it back on now ,not sure what happened