What does the future hold for the BC Liberals?


So what’s next?


A by election, and a new party leader that’s what’s next. I would like to see Ellis Ross run for party leader.


I say Todd Stone is the next leader. No reason why. Really don’t care. But that’s my pick. Maybe GrantG can throw a name out.

Gracie’s mom, it would be nice to have a political leader from our area, but I am guessing that is more wishful thinking on your part. Who do you see as the next Liberal leader?

Any other predictions?


I just don’t know. I would like to see new blood.


People of Kelowna, panicked over fires and forest management, home affordabiiity, water shortages and threats to farmland elect Green candidate in byelection…


either Falcon or Mike DeJong


Would not be surprised to see Falcon run in Kelowna.