What did You Do This Summer?

don’t think of getting married so someone else can clean up that " mess " eewwww

I came home from university, found a job, and worked most of the summer. In the meantime I went to crabfest in July, and Kelowna in August. Now I am back at uni.

Recovered from a Provincial election campaign - just in time to prepare for another Federal campaign.  :cry:


Know what I did?
What happened to August? It was July and gorgeous, then the sun went away and it was September.

Slaughtered hundred of grasshoppers on the windshield of my car driving through southern Saskatchewan. 

Met some fun American who were very interested in our social and health issues. Met some very straight lace folk and I met up with Mig and Pam always walking away with a smile and a good laugh. Enjoyed my walks with my sweet lady and enjoyed the Rupert sunsets.

I attended the TAM7 conference in Las Vegas.  Lots of interesting speakers and sessions, including a live attempt at James Randi’s $1 million dollar challenge.  Met a whole bunch of geeks and nerds from all around the world. 

Then I got married in a Vegas chapel.  Spent some time around Washington and Vancouver Island before coming back to the rain. 

This…  I’m going surfing next weekend though.