What about the maintenance asks NDP's Gary Coons

Gary Coons the NDP ferries critic and MLA for the North Coast, suggested that there is still one outstanding issue that needs to be addressed when it comes to the sinking of the Queen of the North.

Coons pointed out on Friday that he has had concerns over the maintenance of the BC Ferries vessels in recent years, and was particularly interested in the maintenance routine for the Queen of the North which had a failure of an alarm system as one of the key moments in the 2006 tragedy.

Coons also called for a full public inquiry into the sinking, a call echoed by the federal representative for the region, NDP MP, Nathan Cullen. It’s a concept that has begun to pick up some steam in the province, after the two year TSB study left British Columbians no better informed than the night that the vessel sank off of Gil Island…

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Though I find the explanation in the report a little weird, seeing as “distractions” should not actually distract you from driving the vessel, but rather, as one reporter at the press conference suggested, make the Captain more alert.

However, I’m just curious–when does it become a wild goose chase. Isn’t it possible that the reason the report seems to give no new information is because there’s nothing new to say?

What do people think? Could it have just been a series of unfortunate coincidences, rather than someone’s fault, that resulted in the sinking?

The unfortunate part is that 14 minutes of alarms were ignored that would have prevented this tragedy…and what could possibly be so distracting???  :neutral_face:

Sorry for being lazy but I don’t have time to read all the important stuff that came out of the report.  It would be interesting if someone would post the “Coles Notes” version.