Whales painted on Mc Bride street

Doesnt anyone else think that the two whales painted on that wall on mc bride street look like they are getting it on?

your an idiot!

haha oook… i havent really noticed it if they were doin it or not… weirdo…

yes and i know the person who designed the drawing and it is supposed to be an aquaerotic rendition.

heh so maybe it does look like they r doin it haha  :smiley:

:astonished: Hump city for sure. Walked by em tonight… we should name them.  I vote for the one on top’s name to be Chuck, and the one on the bottom be named Francis.

The pictures of the whales are an awesome site, I think they should do the same thing on all the empty  spaces like that so there will be less graffeti on the  walls, maybe get the kids that do the graffetti involved with fdoing the art work and maybe they would start respecting property more

Or just ridicule the kids who aren’t good at graffiti, embarassing them so much as to never do it again, while at the same time encouraging those who are good to keep on sprayin’…

heh chuck and francis doer up no wait it should be uhhh frank and bertha haha