Whaaa? Oilers knock out sharks?

It’ cant be!

ha! Man, I totally thought Canada’s hopes of bringing the cup back to canada we’re done went the sharks won the first two games… Guess anything can happen…

Go Oilers.

Oilers got progressively better as each game went by, so they’re full value for their six game series victory.

They match up very nicely with the Ducks and have a very good chance of making it to the Stanley Cup finals now, which when you think about is pretty amazing for a team that pretty well backed into the playoff race that last week or so of the regular season.

But they’re believers now, and nothing counts more than momentum in the playoffs.

They’ll be a good, hard working representative for the West should they get by the Ducks as I think they will now. (Can’t say I would have said that two weeks ago though!!)

Hope Buffalo gets through as well, the way they handled my Sens, they deserve to get to the big dance in the final round. They like the Oilers are just a hard working team which features a roster of anybodys that on any given night can win the big game at just the right time.


Agree’d about Buff, but Edmonton did the same to Detroit, like wow, Knock out The Wings, then the Sharks, and now the Ducks. Man Im not a Oilers fan at all, I really respect Ryan Smyth thou, hes showing lots of grit, getting hit by prongers slap shot, and still going hard, I know that shot would end alot of seasons but man never stronger then Canadians :smile:

Same with Horcoff and Peca even thou not scoring is being a defencive offence player which is good to see,

Im a true canucks fan, always have been and always will be but if my team dont make playoffs then I just hope that the cup comes to canada. and Maybe this year Edmonton can. I Sure Hope so anyways.

I predict Oilers in 6 basically the ducks have had rest and there momentum must have drained abit, where as the oilers played Wendsday and then they play friday, so skate tomorrow and boom here we go still fired up, not a day off…

Buff and Carolina have had rest so im not sure how that series will go, I like the hurricans, but Buff is playing with TONS of heart and it goes to show that you can do wonderful things with 4 even lines, not a big money team, small $ and good goaltenders = money team…

Buffalo in 7 - Carolina will go down, but not without a fight till the end.