WEXIT (the Western Provinces leaving Canada)

Any thoughts from Hacking the Main Frame members on WEXIT. I see a few Facebook pages on this, we have one here in BC.

Albertans who failed geography think that leaving Canada will help bring their oil to market. It’s silly.

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First we should sue their asses into the Stone Age for claiming to be the “West”.
We’re the west.
Then fucking hang 'em like the last western separatists. Mainly to clean the gene pool of morons who’d cut off their own nose to spite their face…

Hey, now that the People’s Party is dead, the right wing muckrakers need some banner to raise to gather the populists and keep getting money from the right wing political machine. It’s amusing to see the logos including BC and the territories, neither which they have any hope of getting to go along with their plan.

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Agreed. I do find Wexit to be a sad joke.