Westview school closing

The School Board has voted to close Westview school, and defeated motions to close Roosevelt and Port Edward.

let the recriminations begin.

The motion to close Port Edward School was not defeated but tabled.
They’ll vote on that motion in 3 to 6 months.  
Port Edward is not off the chopping block.

There is a lot of political influence in the Westview area. Our trustees may have just sealed their fate.

Imagine that this has something to do with Port Ed’s recent consultants report that is supposed to outline some options for the district of Port Ed to keep their school open.  In the end I suspect that some accommodation is probably going to come out of that report that will keep it open in some capacity there.

Hopefully we can hear about what was in the report and what Port Ed told the School District yesterday, just for transparency and all of that.

I could see that coming,maybe if there were more first nations in westview
they may would of had a chance,you see Roosevelt gets funding from dia
and its a school with kids who need help.I would suggest westview parents
send there kids to annusation school your all wealthy anyways get the best for
your kids i did.

Where hopefully the spelling and grammar program can alleviate the the distress of such offerings as these from ajaye

Yeah. It worked out stupendously.

The board may have made the right decision tonight. 80 per cent of Westview’s student population do not live in the catchment. Keeping Westview open does not make logistic sense. Why move more kids than you have to?

And artificially, the dreaded FSA scores at Roosevelt are now about to go up.  :smile:

 I live nowhere close to westview but my child goes their for french immersion. And because of the great staff at westview childcare. Roosevelt will be good to the students, I think it is a great location and the Field has much to offer. As far as childcare, it looked as though westview childcare center had to leave regardless. Don’t know what is happening with that, but I would pay more for morning drop off from the facility. Not that I have a choice. I realize this was about the school closing sorry to go on about the childcare HTMF’ers. ajaye46 not that I am a literary genius, but you written English makes me look good.

So, up for grabs will be a kids park with 1 year of use. They built her to be removable… Should have known then. To which school go the spoils.

Guess it will be up to the city to provide some form of kids park for the local kids. This ought to be fun.

The city can use that park on Frederick as their template, the city took out all the swings and left a garbage can, which occasionally  you see the kids rolling around in.

So who is going to carry the French Immersion now? Ocean Falls next stop.

it was the right call, parents will just have to make the best choices possible.  Blue shirts don’t really make the school better (larger class size, fewer cc workers) and daycares in schools don’t make them any better or worse either.  Westview already seems to have convinced RPark to take them in for free so if your picking schools for daycare then there you go. 

I’m biting the troll…
So if there were more native kids in westview it wouldn’t close.  What a stupid thing to say, My kids attend westview, my kids are native - as are many other students in that school. Take your head out of your ass. 
Sending kids to annuciation has nothing to do being wealthy, it more religion driven in most cases (not all) There are programs in place to help financially strapped families educate thier kids there.
Again - remove head from ass

Westview Daycare is only temporarily at Roosevelt.
Once the French Immersion program moves there there won’t be anymore space available to give to the daycare as well as most programs like the HUB, exercise room, opportunities room etc will be gone too. 
The French Immersion program will need at least six classrooms.

Good to know, last we heard from the daycare director, they weren’t even bothering to find a new relocation as they had a pretty sweet deal now. 

Laxking if you don’t know what is going on with westview daycare shut up. The staff and clients are doing a great job. The landlord is just thinking about the all mighty dollar!! Good luck in finding a new location…

Look, $500 for rent and utilities is not “making a buck” Westview offered another $125-$150, sounds like a pretty good deal when rent should be at least $1500, perhaps this is how they were able to keep their fees less than other centres and keep the business running.  No one wants hardship for them but they have their hands in several pots.  Yes my children have been there, our friends (Board of Directors) and have worked there, so just might have some info.  Just my opinion, and as valid as anyones, so let’s use our “inside voices”. Change is hard on everyone, things will work out as they should keeping the community and children as the focus.  I think this issue needs to be “put to bed”.

Get your facts straight if they only had to pay $625 -$650 for rent there would be no problem!!  The rent is going up over $1500 a month read the newspaper  and talk to the board members just don’t make up your own figures…

Put the matter to bed, you’re obviously too close the issue.