We're so popular these days!

I’m off today and being bored, have been watching the numbers of guests on the forums today…looks like we’ve either got a lot of people not logging on but catching up with older posts or a helluva lot of people snooping around.


C’mon guests, sign up and join our community.We don’t bite (much) and the more the merrier, at least in my opinion.

Off to island hop, it’s too damn nice to sit here any longer. I hope to see some of our visitors posting later!

Well, I see we were joined by at least one new member.


See, that wasn’t so hard, was it??

Oh and while I can’t recommend the soup or the speed of my service during lunch today, I have to say the view wasn’t half bad…

picasaweb.google.com/AurrasPlace … futspZVYQ#

Anyone else getting their weekend off to an early start?


          Nice pics of Protection Island.  When we lived in Nanaimo we went there on a regular basis, looking for the elusive white Racoons, or just walking along the paths surrounded by some amazing Arbutus trees.  :laughing:

Hello Saffron
Thank you for the kind invitation. I’m new here and exploring (and enjoying) the website and various forums. I’m catching up on the streams and will contribute when I feel I have something to say. Cheers

Welcome to HTMF henrys and Captain Bob:-)

I just moved to Rupert from Nanaimo 3 months ago, kinda miss it. I lived there for a year around fitzwilliam and pine ( bruce and 3rd if you were trying to scare somebody ) The place actually reminded me alot of Prince Rupert. Especialy the oxxy. My dog misses the share care as well.

Did Salty Bob become Captain?

[quote]Well, Mountie Bob he chased me, he was always at my throat
He followed on the shoreline cause he didn’t own a boat
But the cutbacks were a’coming and the Mountie lost his job
And now he’s sailing with us, and we call him Salty Bob!


I was in a Shar Care yesterday, there was this big dog in buying treats with his momma and he was running around with a HUGE grin on his face…it’s obviously got some ‘curb appeal’ for the pooches! I’m enjoying Nanaimo, it’s a been a long, long while since I’ve lived near a city that has this much stuff going on and it’s certainly got some lovely spots in it like this one.

Welcome all, hope you can have some fun here!

Hee Hee…

          I wonder if former Rupertites tend to gravitate towards the same places. I would go to Shar Care as well, if not the one downtown then the one by the car dealerships( by Country Club)

        We love Nanaimo, and found that it reminded us of Rupert as well. I still feel as though I am,“coming home” when the ferry docks @ Departure Bay, and I was born in Rupert!

I just moved to Rupert from Nanaimo FOUR months ago!

There are a LOT of people from Rupert living in Nanaimo! (and Parksville)


Are we dancing because we are happy or because our feets are on fire??


:smile:I was born in Nanaimo and came to Rupert for 2 years…I have now been here 32 years!  Rather live here cause I like the small town but I like what Nanaimo has done with the waterfront! We could use that here!

I brought up the Nanaimo waterfront a while back when a group of posters began talking about the revitalisation of Rupert’s waterfront. Considering how industrialised Nanaimo’s waterfront was for many years, they’ve done an amazing job of turning it into a fantastic local and tourist attraction. It’s helped turn the downtown area from being somewhat unattractive as a destination to someplace I like to spend time, both for the walk, the view and the places to eat and shop.

Rupert could learn alot from Nananimo. Maybe we could make a satue of Lester dressed as a pirate. lol. Or maybe just turn hays creek into something like collier.

I am a Rupertite now living in Nanaimo.  I do go back to visit as i have family there and generally walk the waterfront while I’m there. Much as one would like to have the waterfront looking like Nanaimo’s, with the tax base it’s pretty much out of the question.  Nanaimo has a population of 80,000, compare that to PR.  Also, doesn’t CN still own most of the waterfront and they aren’t about to do anything that involves money? 
However I love the comment about a statue of Peter Lester.  That brings tons of visual images that could be used.