We're Dancing In The Streets!

Communities Welcome Change at Ridley Terminals
Yeah and if I didn’t look at HTMF I wouldn’t know anything even happened. The articles in the Sun would have skipped right past my eyes…
We’re dancing in the streets here and in Burns Lake. There’s a hootenanny in Engen too. Another tired old Socred HACK has been dragged from the dust and rewarded.
Like fucking ZOMBIES. Gordo just pulls another one from the grave. Stay dead already!!! Shoot for the head! Doesn’t anyone pay attention?

Heh-heh, I think we can expect more of the same from the premiere.  Ye Gods, who will they dig up next?  :smiley:

Please do not say Bill Vandersdam or however he spells it. Nor Claudis Richmond please do not say that.

I doubt that Bill Vanderzalm will be recruited anytime soon. My favourite zalm quote is: “People don’t know why they don’t like Gordon Campbell. They just don’t like him.”

I heard that when Ottawa told Veniez he was done, he said “Ok I’ll send in my resignation effective August 1”  to which Ottawa replied “No, you’re done now.”

No idea if there is any truth to that - but I’m hoping so!

So where do we know the name Bud from? Was he a minister with a portfollio , or is he realated to Craig and Steve. I will accept the ex minister one much easier then the two brothers.

Bud was a Kamloops MLA who ran against Vander Zalm for leadership of the Social Credit party, then went on to serve as Zalm’s attorney-general. Some of Bud’s car phone calls were intercepted and taped, revealing some interesting matters that became topics for discussion and debate in the legislative chambers.

Rookie MLA Mo Sihota took issue with comments gleaned from the tapes about apparent attempts to thwart prosecution of a Socred cabinet minister for awarding a government contract to his former campaign manager. Bud resigned as AG, issued some apologies including for some remarks to Mo that some took to be racist; for a time he was under investigation by the RCMP for allegations of subverting the judicial process.

Also of note to political junkies of that time was his relationship with prominent tv reporter Margot Sinclair - bring over a bottle of wine and all that. She ended up, as I recall, moving back East to revive her rather damaged journalistic career.

I doubt that Bud has any local connections of note.