Well this should end well

Uh, attention Occupy Vancouver promoters, I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep longshore workers away from their er, work…

vancouversun.com/news/Vancou … story.html

Not sure if you’ve had time for watching movies back in the days of the tent city, but perhaps a review of On the Waterfront might help dissuade your ambitions.

The sheeple made their stand

"The Occupy Vancouver action was intended to draw attention to the potentially disastrous environmental impact of oil sands traffic through the Lower Mainland as well as the corporatization of the ports.

It was also to show solidarity with Occupy movements up and down the west coast, which organized simultaneous shutdowns of about a dozen ports from San Diego, Calif., to Anchorage, Alaska."

Kind of a protest march for everyone on everything

vancouversun.com/news/Occupy … story.html