Welcome to...Rock Bottom?

Looking around lately and i am seeing 3 more buisinesses going out of buisiness or already done so… they are " Yes Dear Jewerlly"  SOmething Special, Adlan Kids. The MAyor and council said this new port would bring in buisiness and all i been seeing is ones Going out of Buisiness.
I think the MAYOR  and  COUNCIL JUST WANTED MORE MONEY IN THERE POCKETS. when is the economy going to go up probably not anytime soon. probably will loose more buisinesses before things get better. anyways just feed up with losing buisness and more people needing help and support from Food Bank, thrift store etc.

I think that the something special store is just going through their annual name change/change of stock thing, I don’t think they’re actually going to lock their doors. But the other two you mention are closing up shop.

Your points are well made, considering the puffs of smoke we were told to watch for when the port came on line, there’s not much fire in them thar woods…

And hey, whatever has happened to that fancy shopping mall, it should have been open by now you would think,  maybe in time for the election in November, make a nice photo op…

I heard at Christmas that the “mall” will never happen.  I’ve also heard that the container port is only running at about 15%.  But house prices are going up, up , UP. I don’t understand it.

Something Special is not going out of buisiness. They’re just renovating and changing the name…

And as for the economy. You can’t expect things to just be peachy keen right away. It could take a few years to get back to a good economy. I’m not too sure why housing prices are on the rise but as Nauticalpixel mentioned it very well could be that the market senses a big increase in consumer demand so the prices go up.

I love it here, and I have faith that in time, we will have the economic boost we were promised.

It just takes some time and hard work that is all.  :smiley:

I love this topic. First, people would grumble and say “Oh the port will never get built”. Now that it’s built, I hear “Yeah but look it’s barely got any business. There’s no way phase 2 will get built.”

The thing has only been open a few months.

It took a long time for Rupert to go as low as it did. It’s going to take while to turn that around.

Well, I’ll remain skeptical - I was born and raised in Rupert and have been here over 30 years.  I’d like to believe things will change - it’s okay to believe in miracles, just don’t count on them.

I think some store will close, price houses will drop, phase 2 is going to take way to long to even get started, probly 10 years. 

Some people say that house prices are too high in Rupert because they went up a lot in the last few years. These people are not taking into account that house prices were stagnant for many years because of local economic woes. Now prices are just starting to catch up to where they should be. When you look at many other towns in BC you see that it is still cheap to own a house in Rupert.

Not true.  House prices are based on the specific market of the town, even to the specific neighborhood.  Location, location, location.  They are not tied to what is happening anywhere else.  At the end of the day, our homes are still located in Prince Rupert and there values will go up and down based on the market conditions in Rupert.

I am with you dave, smoke and mirrors, we have been hearing that bullshit for the past twenty years and now we are hearing it again. The system is designed to cater to big business and government, the people get the scraps that fall to the floor.

10 years for phase 2 (GET OFF THE CRACK) Phase 2, due to be completed late in 2010, will increase the Port of Prince Rupert’s capacity to 2 million TEUs, and to 4 million TEUs by 2015, and there is extensive capacity for further expansion.

Just the paper work itself is going to take years

You’re going to find some outlets bled to death during the bad years, and even if all the signs are there of a boom, the f***ing bankers won’t loosen a nickel on spec.
Capital funding for small business just fucking sucks in Canada, it always has. You are lucky there is visible and measurable activities there, head east and most places have none.

Here, we await a mine ( ha, ha, ha) and the mill re-opening. The Chinese bought it. Were I to mention how well that went in Rupert, the Councillors would stick their fingers in their ears and start yelling
No nono no that didn’t happen you’re LYING we dont wanna hear

I was just going to say Herb, how the city was strung along over the mill.

I’m sure most people are just as willing to go along with the port promises.

dont some agreements have to be made with the (natives) before anything can happen?

You mean here or in Rupert?
I stood at the bus depot in Vanderhoof early one morning in November and watched a HUGE train full of containers on it’s way to PG. I was envious. It’s already happening for you guys.
It was even longer than the one that hauls the logs away from our Northern Resource Extraction Zone here.
Can anyone pronounce “North Pacific Co-Prosperity Sphere”?
I’ze the guy that chops the wood,
you’se the one that fishes.
He’s the guy that loads the trains,
and Liza does the dishes…

That port is going to make the Chinese very rich. Don’t worry, us Rupertites will see the economy pulled out of the shitter by at least 2020.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it sure as hell wasn’t repaired in an hour.

The housing market here also depends on how many rats you are willing too living with.  The local housing market here is amazing. everything on the market in a realistic price range is a total gut an reno. 

Yea–because the Mayor and each Council member were all paid a big bonus when the Port plan was finalized–which was before some current members were even on council.

C’mon people. I remember threads on this site talking about the “myth” of the Super Port, and as has been pointed out those people are now just moving onto another thing not to believe in.

It’ll take quite some time for Rupert to get itself sprinting forward again–but be sure of this: Rupert is definitely back on her feet. Off the top of my head I can think of several men and women who are able to make a living without commuting to Kitimat or Terrace during the week–only to see their friends on weekends. There are even some examples where people who have been working down south for the past few years are moving back into their houses in Rupert.

It will take some time for the economic benefits to be seen along 2nd and 3rd Avenue–but if you look into the homes of many Rupertites you can already see that the change has come.

It’s always easier to see the negative about anything. It takes effort to see the positive. Finding the negative is the lazy way. There has already been positive change in Prince Rupert, you just have to look for it.