Welcome to Boomtown

So did someone say there is maybe a month before the first cruise liner coming in? Well here is a sight for sore eyes or maybe a postcard to send home for the folk. So we have so many empty store fronts, Atlin Terminal sitting very empty and this. What the hell is our council and Chamber of Commerce doing these days.

  I don’t see any toilet paper… :angry:  Anyone have a spare Sears catalogue?  UGH !!

It’s a municipal heritage site… in the historic downtown Prince Rupert.

The Inlander owners are going to tear it down ASAP, they’re just waiting for asbestos tests to be finished before they can start.

I can’t wait.
I HATE having to walk past that place. It freaks me out, the sight of it, the smell. Yuck.

What is it about Rupert?? For such a damp place, I have so many memories of it associated with fires (some fatal) and now this…yuch.  :confused:

I think the Americans are going to see it and in their minds, start questioning themselves and think " Did we invade this place too in the name of peace, look at all these Mexican people".

biggest waste of money that atlin terminal. woulda been better spent towards the container port or playgrounds around town or a burger king  :imp:

that almost looks like a gerry can on top of the toilet

Well they certainly rushed to bring it up to code huh :unamused:

My guess is that the city will be tearing it down and sending the bill forward

Just out of site in that picture, below on the ground, is Cleveland in his bathtub, asking if anyone has a towel! :smiley:

  And looks like a milk carton under the sink leaning against the toilet…UGH !!

Here are a few for the viewing.

Womb to rent, at least get rid of toilet and cash in the empty bottles.

  Great view    :smiley:

A coat of paint and some curtains it’ll look as good as new

Mike Holmes calls that “Lipstick and Mascara”. 

John Holmes never said though…yat yat yat yat.

  Was that the name of one of his adult movies  ??  :wink:  I know, I know who he is…He renos homes on the side  :smiley: