Weird radio prob

The other day I got my hands on 2 5.8 point to point radios for up to 10 mile shots. Super simple setup, use browser to set IP address, mask & Gway, set the peers MAC address and pick a channel.
Once I solved the problem that I’m getting old and misread tiny MAC addresses as well as tiny XP numbers, I set one on the floor hooked into my desktop, the other by the server room hooked into a hub on my gateway/router/dns server.
BLAM they’re seeing each other. Can ping the first radio, ping the 2nd, ping thru to the router. I can ping any address in the router (it’s got NAT for a private class C) just fine. I can ping any IP in the hub (other 2.4 radios and end users). I can ping the real outside addresses of anything in the router. I can’t ping the servers next to it. Can’t surf the Net.
Checked the iptables, everythings cool and if I set a PC to the same IP as a radio and plug it in instead, it works fine. Problem is Not the tables.
Not a DNS problem, won’t resolve a URL but won’t ping the URLs IP either.
Going nutz because it’s a long weekend and I can’t call the supplier’s techs until Tuesday! AAARGGHHH!
I worried the problem all day and now I have to go to bed knowing my brain will be processing this stupid problem instead of doing something useful like dreaming about dirty weekends in Tahiti with twin Nicole Kidman lookalikes. :unamused: what a way to spend a long weekend!

What kind of wireless is this. I have a friend who has a wirelss set up he has 10 k and works with line of sight. he is able to shoot acrouse the harber. he gets wicked speed, he told me it was a bitch to set up. but once you figure out the mac addresses it works great…
Like to help you out if i can

ok dave… not many people have 10k to play with wireless.

and nice collection of computers… isn’t that the one i fixed because you screwed up your bios update ? you still owe me for that.

Woo. Find me people who’ll pay 10K and I’ll shall grease thine pockets with gold!
Can do a fully licensed private shot for that price!

lol…MY god man 10. grand lol… try under $1000.00 look on ebay
or this website you can get a 5.8 Ghz system. do some research into it before you say 10 grand…lol…
my friend joe paid 800.00 american for his
lol…lol… unless you are talking about something completly different then wireless point to point with 10 k distence…

First tip I can give you from years of experience. Don’t buy shit off e-bay unless it’s stuff you can’t get new and you’re desperate. I could sell you brand new stuff for that price Cdn…

EDIT: it’s like all computer stuff. Last year’s $10K stuff is $1K and better this year. So it may have been a good deal at the time…

Just looked at the home made Omni on Dylan’s gallery pics and had a thought: How can you overcome the bandwidth and carrier frequency relation? The best range to use would be in the AM-lowFM band, no? It’s the UHF and above that become more dependent on line of sight. AM radio is disappearing rapidly, what about a DSS-AM signal?