Weird Justice

So I went to the cops today.
Told a customer leaving town to leave a radio on his roof, it was ours. We’d go get it.
Friday someone came in and told us that some guys had climbed on his roof and taken it so they could get ‘free internet’. Dropped a name.
Went down and checked and sure enough it was gone. Has a sticker on it with “Property of” clearly marked.
Wouldn’t even hear of it. Immediately decided that if we leased the radio to the guy that left we had to bill him for it.
The lease was over. It was my stuff on someone’s roof and someone took it.
Sorry it’s a business problem we don’t get involved.

So I told him I wanted him to keep the photos/records to cover my butt. When I find out who took it, I’m going to go get it.
You can’t go on someone else’s property and take it!

So let me get this straight. You can if it’s not yours, but not too recover something stolen from you?
no answer, shoving the papers back, walking away

Yes I can. And NO the cops can’t tell you where you can go. The property owner can. If he’s there… heh heh

And then I get a subpeona. The guy who robbed our store in 2008 and confessed to it and 17 other breakins won an appeal. There was a procedural error, he goes back to court Weds!
They also found one of the extremely rare laptops stolen last Christmas with a young kid wandering the street. They couldn’t get the parents name out of him, he’s only 10 and doesn’t know his parents name or where he lives or what his phone number is. So it will just be kept in evidence…


Find the guy who stole your equipment  (probably the cop) and hire some crackhead to steal it back. 

I suppose shoplifting could be considered a “business problem” too.  :imp:

  This is right up Soggy’s alley. He likes hearing how a guy who commits a bunch of little crimes such as the ones you speak of should not go to jail. Confessed and still won an appeal eh?. They were just small crimes though, he is the victim.

Maybe you should reread my posts. Nowhere did I say they shouldn’t go to jail. The conversation was about mandatory minimums.

You’re treading in troll territory now.

Don’t feed the troll.

Hwah! Today three local scruffians come in the office and tell me they’ve been waiting just soooo long for wireless internet in their area and they’d heard the reason was that I was out of customer equipment.
“Well we have our own, so how much quick would it take if we supplied this”, one said as he pulled a Ubiquity Bullet from his pocket.
Before he finished the sentence, I snatched it from his hand and said * “Why thank you for recovering my stuff. Do you have the grid, too?”*
Shoulda seen their jaws drop. I went on that someone had stolen it from the roof of 's house.
Their first sentence was “oh that’s not the one it’s ours…”, and I turned it around in my hand and looked at the end.
"Well someone peeled off the “Property of” sticker but (read off the Mac address and picked up a random stack of paper) the serial number matches exactly the one on the police report I filed yesterday"
I gave them a big smile and said “I guess I can tell the cops everything’s cool now, eh”?

You’d think they would have slunk out counting their blessings. No they wanted to argue about how soon I could install service and for how much.
Stole the equipment. Tried to steal access. Got let off the hook, and they want to complain about how soon I can install it and wait for them to pay.

Fort St. James’ real motto: “Short on brains, long on gall”. About the only thing most of them learn in the Alternate School here.
Yep. BillyBob in the Thrift Shop outfit just happened to buy a carrier grade radio complete with double female N connector. Yup they sell them at Radio Shack, yup, yup.
Yup I’m the stoopid one…