Weird . . . Connection Issue

I’m having a very weird problem at the moment,

I am unable to use anything internet based.

ADSL Modem & Router are Fine, all settings remain untouched.

which brings me to the weirdness.

I can still log into HTMF & Post.

which is Impossible because I don’t surf offline, I also clean my firefox’s cache every time I close it, and before I enter it.


is prince rupert cut off? =o

yes it was down for about 5 to 10 Min this morning…

HTMF’s server is located in Prince Rupert.  My server monitor thingie shows a bunch of downtimes this morning, so it’s not just you.  I monitor about 20 servers, and the ones outside of Rupert couldn’t be reached around 5am or so.

The ones in Rupert (well, Citywest, anyway) were all fine.

O.K. =] there must have been an early maintenance call =o

haha just joking =]