Wednesday morning crime spree in Prince Rupert leads to

A string of vehicle break ins from Wednesday morning has led a trail to the community of Fraser Lake.

The local detachment of the RCMP spent the morning hours of Wednesday responding to two automobile break ins one at the coast Hotel, where an attempted theft of a Dodge truck was apparently abandoned, but not before a window and steering column to the truck were damaged.

(from the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire item … rince.html)

Maybe you could direct these punks to Mayor Jacko and he can give them some of his famous words of wisdom. That would also teach Jako of what else this community is facing.

Not sure we can blame the Mayor for some diim witted thieves and their rather round about way of stealing items out of driveways and then driving out of town. Though I do get the intent of your comments that perhaps council may be a little out of touch as to the nature of the criminal element in the city these days.

Post on the blog has been updated with details of the arrests from the perspective of the Fraser Lake Detachment of the RCMP. … rince.html